Key Facts About Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids. They are essential in order for our bodies to work as they should. Because essential fatty acids (ALA,DHA,EPA) are not made in the body or are inefficiently converted from ALA to EPA and DHA, they have to be aquired them from what we eat. Omega-3s have various health benefits.

Omega-3s play an important role in reducing inflammation in the body such as in the blood vessels and the joints. However, omega-3 supplements (EPA/DHA) can have a negative effect and cause the blood to become thinner causing excess bleeding, There are several types of omega-3 fatty acids. Two crucial ones, EPA and DHA, are primarily found in some fish. Plants like flax contain ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid that is partially converted into DHA and EPA in the body. Algae oil often provides only DHA. Experts say that DHA and EPA, from fish and fish oil, have better health benefits than ALA. DHA and EPA are found together only in fatty fish and algae. DHA can also be found on its own in algae, while flaxseed and plant sources of omega-3s provide ALA which is a source of energy.